Golf Car Need A Boost?


You’re going for a drive in your golf car. Out of nowhere, a storm starts rolling in. You want to get back to the garage before you get soaked, but it’s pretty far away. You stomp the pedal to the floor and hope that you can beat the rain.


Your speed increases a tiny amount. It’s not enough. You can see the rain rapidly approaching. You’re going to get wet (not the shoes!). You’re wishing there was some way you could go faster…

Make your wish come true.

A Navitas DC/AC Conversion Kit from FSIP will get you where you need to go. These highly efficient systems have everything you need to increase your speed, torque, and run times. Not to mention they’re easy to install.

How easy? So easy we can explain it in 12 minutes. Click here. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

Now that your conversion kit is installed and programmed, flash back to the storm rolling in… You stomp the pedal. This time – your tires start spinning. Gravel kicks up behind you. The golf car launches forward. You grab the steering wheel with both hands. Your speed is rapidly accelerating. All of the trees along the lane start to look like a smudged painting.

The rain is still catching up. You’re halfway to the garage. You crank the speed dial on the On-The-Fly Programmer all the way up. The trees are now a solid wall of green. Your eyes are watering from the wind in your face. The speedometer on the Navitas app says XX (it says a real number, but we let you determine max speed during programming).

Now, you’re almost to the garage. You take your foot off the pedal. The regenerative breaking slows you down the perfect amount so that you coast smoothly into your parking spot before coming to a stop. You made it. You arrive completely dry. The shoes are safe.

Feeling impressed and grateful – You pick up your phone, open the Navitas app and lock your vehicle with the press of a button. Nobody is stealing that sweet ride of yours.

Beat the storm with Navitas Conversion Kits.

*These kits are great for outrunning other aspects of nature too including – but not limited to – bees and geese.

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