DisChargePlus Battery Discharger

FSIP has recently launched a new addition to our battery maintenance and golf cart accessories product line! The DisChargePlus battery tester is the perfect solution for your golf cart battery discharging needs.


Battery energy is measured in minutes, obtained upon discharging a fully charged battery set. This standard is used by all major battery manufacturers of deep cycle marine, golf cart, or floor scrubber type batteries. The DisChargePlus places a 25, 56 or 75 amp resistive load until a shut-off voltage of 1.75 volts per cell is reached. If the shut off voltage is not reached in a maximum of 400 minutes, the discharger will time out and shut off.

Designed to offer an economical choice for measuring the  time that 36 or 48 volt battery packs can run on a single charge…the DisChargePlus is also designed to store up to 14 discharge cycles. The LCD screen on the DisChargePlus shows the run time, minimum voltage and actual voltage.

If you’re looking to add battery capacity testing to your business, you can purchase DisChargePlus today via our online store.


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