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Veterans have a proven track record of grace under pressure. Further, according to Statista, “in 2019, about 5.07 million veterans had attained a Bachelor’s degree or higher,” which makes them incredibly qualified for the private sector.

In 2019 about 5.07 million veterans had attained a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

Statista Research Department, Jan 27, 2022

So, why do employers seem to be hesitant to hire veterans? At Flight Systems Industrial Products (FSIP), we recognize the fact that Veterans are some of the best new hires a company can have.

The Veterans that have joined our team have been outstanding employees. They get their job done in a timely and independent manner. They have been an asset to our team.

Leah Mellott, HR Generalist, FSIP

Here are 10 reasons to more closely consider your next veteran application:

#1 INtegrity

Unyielding integrity is one of the core principles for military personnel. It’s ingrained in them. Veterans are focused on their role within the company, tend to stay away from gossip and disruptive behavior. They represent their company in a positive light and look forward to the daily challenges of their position. Veterans can help positively influence the work place culture and bring out the best in others, leading by example.

US pentagon building aerial view at sunset

#2 Teamwork

group of rangers was ambushed and returned fire leads

The military is all about teamwork. In fact, teamwork may be a matter of life and death. The civilian sector can’t say the same thing. Veterans come into the private sector with a skillset that is miles ahead of their non-veteran counterparts. Teamwork is about building trust and striving for a common goal. Sound familiar? Veterans are trained for teamwork – take advantage of it.

#3 Leadership

According to Indeed, “Veterans are [often] capable decision-makers.” Military service members must make independent decisions based on constantly changing factors – and they have to get it right. The ability to quickly analyze information and make an informed decision is paramount. Imagine what they can do for your business.

#4 Technology Savvy

Service member using a laptop

The military is filled with advanced technology, GPS Satellites, missile systems, night-vision, and the list goes on and on. Most veterans have received, at a minimum, basic computer training where others have niche technoligcal skills. Put their learnings to work.

FSIP uses technology on a daily basis. We have found that our veterans are quick to learn and adapt to our system and jump right into the workflow.

#5 Focused

When the military gives a service member a job, they expect it to be done. The private sector expects no less. The stakes may be different, but the expectation remains the same for tasks to be completed correctly and in a timely fashion.

#6 accelerated learning curve

The military has a steep learning curve. Veterans have a proven track record of learning difficult processes and following a strict hierarchy. Hiring a veteran gives you a resource of real-world tested skills that are easily transferable to the private sector.

#7 Adaptable

Veterans are always moving, different states, different countries, and different jobs. They are hardwired to be adaptable. With this constant state of change, Veterans have a broad worldview and have learned to get along with all types of people. Veterans may be more able to adapt to diverse work environments.

#8 resilient

United States Army rangers on the sunset

The military trains resilience. Resillence is the ability to bounce back when things don’t go as planned. It helps lessen the impact of a stressful work environment, defend against anxiety, and improves overall mental wellbeing.

Resilient individuals actively approach adversity, and maange stress positively, which leads to improved performance on the job.

#9 Consistent

The military is a massive sector. Consistency and compliance are crucial to mission success. Therefore, a company should expect consistent results and compliance with company policies for a high-level production standard.

#10 giving back

Veterans have placed themselves in harm’s way to protect the American way of life. When they transition to civilian life, sometimes the transition can be difficult. Making one’s workplace veteran-friendly – and pushing to hire veterans – is a wonderful way to thank them for their service and ensure companies continue to have the ability to conduct business safely.

bonus: Accountability

It goes without saying that the military has strict policies and procedures. Veterans were trained to be accountable. Making mistakes is a part of being human. Owning them, learning from them, and correcting them advances a company’s skillset.

Careers opportunities

With over 120+ employees and over 50 years of operation and experience, we are excited to expand our team in both our Carlisle, PA and Addison, IL branches. We invite you to check out our career page and submit an application for one of our open positions.

Disclaimer: Always consult your Human Resources team and attorneys before making any changes to a company’s hiring policy.

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