FSIP Celebrates 55 Years!

Flight Systems Industrial Products (FSIP) established in 1968, celebrates its 55th anniversary.  In the early years, FSIP designed and manufactured aviation electronics for aircraft and runways.  During this time, they earned a reputation as a highly qualified supplier and their products were used on various space crafts and launch vehicles including Apollo 8, 9, 11, 15 & 16 as well as Skylab I & II.

Today, FSIP is recognized for electronic remanufacturing, short run manufacturing, electrification design, as a distribution channel, and for offering battery-powered equipment charging and regeneration solutions. They are committed to providing electric vehicle industry with best-in-class products and services.

Battery ManagementChargers, load banks/dischargers, modules, regeneration, & watering systems

Parts/ComponentsContactors, controllers, conversion kits, displays, gauges, joysticks, motors, and test equipment, etc.

Services Manufacturing, Remanufacturing, Distribution, Electric System Design, and Battery Solutions

FSIP employs technical expertise, efficient manufacturing practices, and strong OEM relationships to provide cost-effective, reliable electronic solutions across numerous markets. Company General Manager, Pamela Jones stated “We have achieved this landmark anniversary through the hard work and dedication of our organization. Our focus is on culture, outstanding customer service, responsiveness, and innovation. We aim to fully satisfy our customer’s requirements and expectations while always keeping an eye to the future and working to service the fast-changing products and markets that we serve”.

The proof is in the results. FSIP remanufacturers over 48,000 parts annually, distributes 10,000+ SKUs, has increased their workforce 7-fold, and has twice expanded their facility space (with a future move on the horizon). The future is bright for Flight Systems Industrial Products as markets trend to electrification, sustainability, and value. Let’s watch and see what the next 5-years bring!

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