Inflation Insurance

The Issue

Say it with me; inflation stinks.

In June, the Annual Inflation Rate reached the highest in 40 years (9.1%). Thankfully, in July, it lowered a bit (8.5%). Everyone is still feeling the sting.

Supply chain issues + rising component/raw material costs + increased demand = higher prices across the board.

[Thanks, Econ 101.]

Sadly, lead-acid battery technology isn’t immune to the rising costs.

THe Problem

Forklift batteries don’t last forever. Standard lead-acid forklift batteries are good for about 1.500 charging cycles or about a 5-year lifespan based upon single-shift operation (if the battery is properly maintained), and they are costly to replace. Multiply that across your fleet, and the expenditure can really add up. Further, once you order those new batteries, the lead times can be longer than normal due to supply and raw resources shortages.

Lead-Acid batteries experience sulfation during the normal chemical reaction within the battery. An excess build-up of hard lead sulfate crystals on a battery’s lead plate surfaces and pores is the #1 cause of decreased capacity and efficiency. The battery loses its ability to fully charge, which decreases equipment run time and icnreases labor costs.

The Solution

The solution, replace the batteries less and maintain runtimes. “But how do we do that when they are dying?” Glad you asked.  Xtender Battery Regenerator, a fully automated six-stage machine that regenerates lead-acid batteries. So now, while it may not increase the capacity to new, it will xtend the capacity of most batteries between 70-90%, with proven reports, and allow you to put off that large purchase of new batteries. In fact, the Return on Investment is typically less than 6-months.

sounds too good to be true

Yea we get that. So, let’s break it down a bit:

The Xtender is a loadbank (discharger) and charger using patented Shark Pulse Technology, a high frequency applied during discharging and charging. This process breaks down the damaging hard sulfate crystals and regenerates the battery.

The six phases are

  • First Controlled Discharge (load test)
  • Bulk & Absorption Charge
  • Cycle Mode
  • Equalization Charge
  • Second Controlled Discharge (load test)
  • Bulk & Absorption Charge

The Xtender is a perfect product to help insure against rising inflation. However, don’t just take our word for it! Schedule a demo today on our website, email or by calling 800-333-1194.

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