The Place for Electronic Solutions, Part II

FSIP Services – Manufacturing.

Welcome back for Part II of our Services blog series!

  1. Production flexibility
  2. Engineering support
  3. Improved operational efficiencies
  4. Extended partnerships/sourcing
  5. Quality standards & testing procedures
  6. Warranty & repairs

In our introduction, we asked the question, why would an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) be interested in outsourcing their Manufacturing. And we answered:

In this post, we’ll explore how FSIP’s Industrial Electronic Manufacturing meets each of these prerequisites.

Production Flexibility

FSIP provides turn-key manufacturing for low, medium, & high-volume production. Whether it be a new product introduction where a prototype is required, an end-of-life product that requires a final production run, or something in the middle, FSIP can scale up or down to meet your needs. This production flexibility ranges across our coil & bobbin winding, cable assemblies & wire harness, and box build assembly processes, 

Engineering Support

Your satisfaction is at the heart of every project. FSIP engineers collaborate with you in a few different ways dependent upon your project. We can:

  1. Work directly to your specifications
  2. Help optimize bill of materials (BOM), product design, or build instructions
  3. Reverse engineer a project
  4. Develop testing protocols and procedures

We partner with you to meet your precise needs.

Operational Efficiencies

There are many benefits to outsourcing operations dependent upon your business size and focus.  They range from sourcing an expertise, time management, overhead and labor savings. You’re able to pay for the services you need, not the ones you don’t. FSIP’s manufacturing processes can help save time, money, and help drive your bottom line.

Extended Partnerships/Sourcing

One word of warning about this post, what FSIP is offers isn’t just on[PJ1]  this page or the ones that follow. We have a series of well qualified, time tested and proven vendors who support our business. We’re able to bring these resources to the “table” while working on your project(s) as well. Our partners can assemble PCB boards, stamp, plate and mold, to name just a few additional areas where we can support your business.

Quality Standards & Testing Procedures

FSIP is ISO 9001:2015 Certified by Perry Johnson Registrars. What does this mean for you? It indicates that FSIP follows a quality management system. That we continually work to improve efficiencies, processes, and ultimately customer satisfaction. We are highly focused on producing quality products and providing quality services. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards. Along with ISO 9001:2015 certification, we observe and meet IPC-A-610 & IPC-A-620 standards.

How do you prove quality? You test it and inspect it. Based upon your requirements, FSIP can either follow your testing protocols or develop them in conjunction with you. If it’s essential that your product be tested under load, we have the capability to do that as well.

And the final step, Inspection. All manufactured products are inspected before they leave our facility. Again, we work with your team to ensure all your needs are met.

(P.S. Our vendor partners mentioned above, they’re held to FSIP’s high-quality standards).

Warranty & Repairs

FSIP warrants to Buyer, that products and any services are free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of twelve (12) months, unless otherwise stated in the Consumer Terms & Conditions, from FSIP shipment date with proof of purchase.


Finally, if there happens to be an issue with a product, FSIP repairs product in-house either through our Remanufacturing or General Repairs Programs. You’ll learn more about each of these options in the upcoming weeks.

Whether you’re seeking a new design or a solution for supporting legacy components or products, FSIP is the answer. Our accomplished engineer & manufacturing teams are available to support your project, developing economical assembly service solutions with quality built in and warrantied. Next week, we’ll review the manufacturing processes. See you then.


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