The Place for Electronic Solutions, Part VII

Core Purchasing program

Flight Systems Industrial Products (FSIP) has a Core Purchasing Program. That’s all well and nice, but so what. What does a Core Purchasing Program mean and how does it benefit you? A Core Purchasing program provides an opportunity for you to earn cash ($$$) for your cores and keep remanufacturing programs inventoried, which in turn provides you with a lower cost alternative to “new” products. The answer is simple but may not be straightforward. I’ll break it down for you. Let’s start at the beginning.

What is a “Core”? A core is part or component that can be remanufactured for future sale. It’s the part you already have on hand.

Why Would a Company Want Old Parts/Components? Companies like FSIP that remanufacture need your old repairable inventory to maintain stock levels. Purchasing your core(s) is just one method we use to ensure availability.

Why Should You Sell Your Cores? The easy answer is money. FSIP will pay cash for your cores. It’s an opportunity to clear your shelves, get rid of, and get paid for your “junk” while making space for new or remanufactured inventory that is usable or saleable.  Additionally, selling your cores to a remanufacturer is good for the environment. It reduces the amount of material sent to landfills and helps preserve our natural resources. Your core is given a second life through the refurbishing process. Remanufactured products are returned to a like-new or better-than-new condition from a quality and performance perspective. Your old core helps replenish remanufactured inventory. Not only is this good for the remanufacturer but also for you; remanufactured products are a cost-effective alternative to buying new.

Does FSIP Purchase All Cores? No. There are many different types of “cores” in the market. FSIP is interested in electronic vehicle cores like controllers, battery chargers, joysticks, displays/gauges, and more. Your core must be remanufacturable that means it is repairable or rebuildable. Unfortunately, there are some cores that don’t meet our criteria. An example is if your core is potted (filled with epoxy). As the electrical components cannot be separated from the hard filling, it is not rebuildable.

Returned Cores Must:

  1. Match the approved/agreed upon Core Return Form part numbers
  2. Cores must be complete and in remanufacturable condition. Any product that has been burned, damaged, or destroyed by incorrect use, dismantling, or transportation will not be accepted.

How Much is My Core Worth?

There is no set standard for a Core. It’s variable and therefore cannot be given an absolute dollar value. It changes by part, by demand, and availability. What I can say is the more desirable the component, the higher the incentive to return your core. FSIP attempts to always have high demand items in inventory to meet your needs and fulfill orders quickly.  To that end on daily basis, we monitor demand, usage history, and inventory levels. We maintain a running database of every part requested to provide historical guidance and always try to offer a fair price for your cores.

If you’d like to find out how much your cores are worth, complete the Core Purchase Sheet. One of our representatives will contact you.


The FSIP Core Purchasing Program is simply CASH for your remanufacturable electronic vehicle CORES. It’s an opportunity to earn money for non-functional product on your shelves, a chance to free-up space, and keep product out of the landfill. It supports FSIP’s Remanufactured Products business which provides customers an opportunity to purchase like- or better-than-new products for less than new with a manufacturer warranty. For more information either call 1-800-333-1194 or email

Electric System Design was scheduled to be discussed in the series final post BUT, we’ve skipped over one important element of the Remanufacturing/Core Purchasing programs — Core Charges. Therefore, I’m going to take the opportunity to add a short post into this series before wrapping it up. Stop back to learn about Core Charges and why they’re necessary. Thanks!

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