The Place for Electronic Solutions, Part IX


Our Services blog series is coming to an end. In our finale, I’ll address Electric System Design Solutions. I hope you find it as interesting as I do. This is where FSIP helps OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) bring their innovations to life.

FSIP’s Electric System Design team is a made up of highly trained mechanical, electrical, and software engineers that collaborate to ensure your project is fully integrated. Our engineering team collaborates with you and your team to make your vision a reality. By fully understanding your application requirements and design needs we’re able to develop custom-tailored packages, just for you. FSIP is a one-stop solution for your vehicle control system design focusing on electrification, motor & controllers, instrumentation software creation and support.

We follow a 5-step approach which provides flexibility. FSIP’s Electric System Design team can join your project at any stage in your design process. We can assist from inception through implementation and beyond.

Concept > Design > Software Customization > Production & Support > Aftermarket Services

1. Concept

Flight Systems Industrial Products is here to support your team. The first step is to ensure design clarity, function, and end goal specifications of the project. We optimize, troubleshoot, and recommend design improvement opportunities; not only in functionality but also consider manufacturing/full-scale production.

2. Design

Always with your specification top of mind, the electric vehicle drive system component selection and development begins. We’re in constant contact with you to help eliminate any potential surprises. Your satisfaction is imperative.

FSIP leverages our long-standing partnerships with parts manufacturers to source required materials efficiently, obtain the latest technology, and manage design costs. Our product sourcing goes a step further, components are reviewed for compatibility and ease of manufacturability during the production process.

Prototyping doesn’t end with a sample product. Our team will integrate the components into your equipment, then test and troubleshoot extensively under varied conditions. We work to meet your highest level of your performance & reliability specifications.

3. Software Customization

Our in-house software engineers sit side by side with our mechanical and electrical engineers. They are involved from the onset of your project developing custom code specifically for your electronics package. The software is modified throughout the production process, as needed.

4. Production & Support

Flight Systems Industrial Products expertise extends beyond the concept, design, and prototyping phases. Upon approval of the design & prototype, our team will integrate the components into your equipment, troubleshoot, and extensively test under various conditions to ensure the highest level of performance and reliability. This cycle continues until your upgrade or new application meets your specifications and satisfaction.

FSIP can provide the complete production electronics package for you. We’re available to support your future needs, be it product upgrades, ideation, developing the next product iteration, or creating something entirely new. With our manufacturing knowledge and capabilities, we can manufacture sub-assemblies, build part configurations, and create kits as necessary. FSIP’s business alignment helps save on space allocation, labor rates, and production time.

5. Aftermarket Services

FSIP has decades long relationships with OEMs due to our constant care and exhaustive design support. We can help keep your customers coming back with our Repair, Rebuild and Remanufacturing services. FSIP service portfolio creates a synergistic life cycle for your product. It’s a great way to extend your product’s useful life.

That’s a lot to cover in a short article. So, let me summarize it for you quickly.

  • One-stop solution for vehicle control system design & production
  • Customer centric partnership– your design, your specifications, your satisfaction
  • Tailor-made solutions based upon your application requirements
  • Full product life-cycle support

You don’t just buy a design; you create a lasting partnership.

Thank you for joining me on a tour of FSIP’s Services.

P.S.  Need design assistance, contact us at or use the ESD Project Form.

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