The Place for Electronic Solutions, Part VI

General Repairs

Welcome to Part VI of our Services Series! The last few weeks have been packed full of information. This week we’re tacking the General Repair Program (GRP). Broken or faulty component(s) in your electronic part are either repaired or replaced. Any part that does not qualify for remanufacturing is submitted to General Repairs. But, what does that mean?

For a nominal fee, FSIP’s skilled engineering team puts your unit thorough a point-to-point assessment. The evaluation process takes between 5-7 business days. You will be advised of our findings and supplied with a repair quote. If we’re unable to repair your item for any reason, you will also be notified at this stage.

Repair work does not begin until we receive your quote acceptance. A repair typically takes 1-3 business days assuming all components needed are in stock. (Quick Tip: Providing schematics, fault codes, instruction manuals, or any additional information/paperwork about your product can help expedite turnaround times).

If you need your part returned within a shorter window than outlined above, Flight Systems Industrial Products offers a “Rush” option. The part evaluation is reduced to 2-business days and the repair takes 1-2 additional business days from quote approval. ALL general repairs come with a 90-day FSIP warranty.

FSIP General Repair Services includes but are not limited to:

  • Amplifiers
  • Banding machines
  • Bar code scanners, readers, & printers
  • Charger Modules
  • CNC controls
  • Dischargers/load banks
  • Encoders
  • Heat controllers
  • Industrial controls/PLCs
  • Light curtains
  • Monitors
  • Power supplies/inverters/converters
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Servo drives
  • Telecommunications equipment

The program is simple and straightforward.

Step 1.    Contact Sales Support via chat or call 800-333-1194. Sales Support will determine if your part qualifies for Remanufacturing or GRP.

Step 2.    If GRP is advised, you will be asked to approve the evaluation fee.

Step 3.    Print and fully complete the GRP Form.     

Step 4.    Package your part and ship to:

Include any addition product documentation about your part for example vehicle information, schematics, failure/faults experienced.

Don’t forget to include your fully completed GRP Form.

Step 5.     Receive a full assessment of your product. If repairable a quote will be provided.

Step 6.     Authorize the repair work. Repair work will not begin until after authorization is granted.

Step 7.     Receive your repaired product, inclusive of 90-day warranty.

That’s the General Repair Program in a nutshell less one significant detail. The parts or components, we receive in through our GRP program influence the Remanufacturing Program. If we receive a significant quantity of the same part & same fault, it may transition from GRP to Reman.  

I hope you found this information helpful. Stay tuned for Part VII, where we’ll examine FSIP’s Core Purchasing Program or if you missed our Remanufacturing discussion check out Part IV and Part V. Until then, take care!


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