Smart Discharger & Battery Monitoring System (BMS) Kit



How often have you needed to load test a battery for your customer at the end of the day and realize you’ll have to wait until tomorrow?  It’s true… sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you need to get done. Once tomorrow comes, you better make sure to start the load test in the morning because for the next 4-6 hours you’re stuck in the shop adjusting discharge currents and manually checking individual cell voltages each hour. At the end, you’re sitting there with a load test chart full of handwritten voltages. Now, you’re trying to decipher your chicken scratch to present to a customer. This is a situation that spans the country affecting everyone from the smallest single-man operation to some of the largest multi-state dealerships around.

No one will ever deny that manually discharging your battery and using a voltmeter to check individual cell voltages will accomplish the main goal of determining your battery’s runtime and identifying bad cells.

My question to you is this: Wouldn’t it be nicer to plug in a few values, hit start and have everything else done for you?

Implementing the Smart Discharger and BMS Kit into your load testing process will do just that. The Smart Discharger has the ability to discharge to a set voltage, time or amp hour limit at a constant current of up to 200A regardless of voltage drop. At the same time, the BMS records individual cell voltages every 3 minutes throughout the entire discharge.

It’s 4 p.m. and you promised your customer that you’d update them on their battery’s condition first thing tomorrow morning… no worries, the Smart Discharger does not clock out at 5 p.m. Utilizing the Integrated Monitor software, you can not only remotely monitor the battery but also control the Smart Discharger and BMS throughout the process. With multiple personally branded report styles, you can confidently provide your customer with an easy-to-read analysis of their battery’s condition.

Let the Smart Discharger and BMS System work for you, and the only question you’ll be asking is why you didn’t use this sooner.


-Ben Richwine

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