Curtis Certified Service

One of the many advantages of sending your controllers to Flight Systems Industrial Products to be remanufactured is the relationships that we have with major controller manufacturers. We have been remanufacturing Curtis Instruments products since the early 1990s, but in 2005 Curtis named us as their Certified Servicenter.
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That distinction allows us to remanufacture out-of-warranty Curtis Controllers and provides FSIP access to the most up-to-date product information. Throughout the life of a controller, Curtis may make changes to help improve performance or safety functionality of the controller. FSIP is provided with this information and includes all updates when a controller comes in to be remanufactured. These changes could include hardware or software upgrades that often mean your controller comes back in BETTER condition that when it was new. As the only Curtis Certified Servicenter in the United States, sending your Curtis controllers to FSIP ensures that you’re getting a controller that is ready to meet the demands placed on it in the field.
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To learn more about Curtis Instruments, click here.

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