FSIP’s Enhanced Warranty

Do you want to enhance your warranty on remanufactured controls from FSIP? Ask about Reman Extra! 

All controls remanufactured by FSIP come with a comprehensive one-year warranty. This warranty covers the entire unit, not only the components that have been replaced during the original work. We also offer you an enhancement option called Reman Extra. While this enhancement does not extend your warranty, it allows you to claim back some of your expenses on a service call if that control were to fail under its original warranty. Controls
For only $20 extra, this enhancement allows you to claim your travel and labor, up to $100 if you need to make a service call. All you need to do is let us evaluate the unit to determine the fault. Once the unit is determined faulty, we will than credit $100 to your account. It can be used for credit against another order or we can send you a check for the amount if that method is preferred.

It is that simple! So when your FSIP customer service representative asks if you would like to add Reman Extra to your order, say yes! 1-800-333-1194

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