A Day in the Life of a Control at FSIP…

Did you ever wonder what your control has to go through to be remanufactured?

After you have shipped your control to us, and it is received by our shipping department, they carefully unpack the box, check to see if it has the appropriate paperwork, and transport it to the next department.
ControlsControls which are sent in for remanufacturing first go to our customer service representatives. They manage the order and determine who the control belongs to, the part number, and gather any remaining information necessary to create an internal order. It is important to have the Remanufacture and Return Form completed with the appropriate information because this will speed up the process, so we can begin working on your product sooner.  After customer service enters the order it is sent to our servicecenter for remanufacturing.
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In the control is in an enclosed box, it will first be separated and the outside box is sent to an area for cosmetic upgrades or replacement. The electronics visit our modifications group where the logic board is typically separated from the power board. The power board is remanufactured, replacing any components that are stressed, frequently fail or need upgraded. The logic card is upgraded and brought up to the current manufacturing revision level through either software and/or hardware upgrades. Your control is then put back together ready to begin the product testing stage.

Each control is tested by certified electronic technicians on our custom built low current test stations. At this step any remaining failure issues are corrected through component level troubleshooting. Once the low current testing is successful the control is routed to high current specialized final testers. These testers simulate a far greater load then normally found in the controls intended application. After passing high current testing, if the control needs to be potted (encapsulated) it is sent to the potting station and will remain there for 24 hours to be cured. Then your control is sent to final assembly where it is cleaned & labeled as needed.Before, After, Curtis Motor, Control, repair, replace, refurbish, fix, rebuild

The last stop before it is sent to the shipping area is a visit to the customer service team so that they can manage the order and make contact with the customer if any final arrangements for shipment need completed.  Finally…your control is ready to be shipped. Our shipping department carefully packs the control to ensure that when you receive your control it is not damaged during its journey back to you.

There you have it…a day in the life of a control at FSIP!

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