Golf Cart Conversion Kits

If you work on enough golf carts over time you realize that every golf cart is different from the last one you worked on. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to find parts for the odd ball carts you come across, such as aftermarket controllers. After hearing requests for many different controllers over the years, we have developed conversion kits that take you from an old, obsolete, foreign and hard to find controller to a brand new popular Curtis or GE controller. Our conversion kits come with all the necessary harnesses and installation instructions to make the transfer easy and painless.
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Fairplay Carts have used a few different controllers in the past that have been hard to find, and when we did get units in house we could not remanufacture them. Our engineers developed a few separate conversions using Curtis controllers to replace Kinetek KCCA0004 and KCCA0038 controllers used in Fairplay Carts. We also found the need to develop a conversion for the Logisystems controllers found in Stealth vehicles because of the high demand. A few of the older golf cart controller system components have gone obsolete such as the Club Car Regen 1 and the Yamaha G8/G9 Carts. We offer stock conversions as well as upgraded conversions with additional amps for both of those. Recently, we have found the need to create a conversion for the Bombardier vehicles which used a Curtis controller that is no longer made. In the past few years, Yamaha used a fully potted controller in their YDRE carts called a Moric Controller. There is epoxy inside this controller which makes it impossible to disassemble and repair. We have developed two conversions using GE and Curtis Controllers to upgrade your vehicles to 300 or 500 amps.

If you have a golf cart with a series motor and you want to change the controller, or the cart does not have a controller in it, we have a solution! We manufacture the adjustable GE Star controller which is compatible with most series carts. Just provide the make & model of your cart, voltage & amperage, the accelerator type and your regen braking & high pedal disable preferences; and we’ll provide a custom solution for you!

Give us a call for a quote on a golf cart conversion kit! 1-800-333-1194


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One thought on “Golf Cart Conversion Kits

  1. Hi, i´m interested in a controller replacement for my bombardier nev. it has the 1509-1001 72v 300 amp curtis model. please let me know i f you have it. best regards


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