Why do motor controllers fail?

Since FSIP is in the business of remanufacturing controllers which have failed, we have seen it all. There are many reasons for why your controller may fail…some are avoidable, and some are not. Here is a list of common causes for controller failure.
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Component Failure
Controls contain hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny components, each of which plays a part in the controller’s operation. These components may be mosfets, diodes, resistors or IC’s among others. A manufacturer’s defect on just one of these tiny components can lead to failure of the entire controller. Many of them are manufactured for a life expectancy of a certain number of cycles, and when their time is up, the controller’s life cycle may come to an end as well.

External Input Failure
Your motor controller may have a dozen or more inputs connected to it, such as speed sensors or digital and analog inputs. Failure of any one of those inputs can often cause failure for the entire controller as well.

Liquid Intrusion
…or more simply put, the controller gets wet. It is commonly known that electronics and moisture are a poor mix, one that will easily cause your controller to stop working.

Improper Cooling Design & Mounting
Controllers suffer and fail under high heat conditions. Omitting thermal compound during installation, or improper mounting can cause temperatures to rise and controllers to fail. Often cycling a controller between hot and cold environments can also cause an early demise.

Prolonged vibration during normal vehicle use can cause components to shake loose, or fracture and interrupt normal controller function or result in failure.

Abuse & Improper Usage
Using your vehicle or motor control improperly can lead to an early demise for your motor controller. Examples of such abuse include driving the vehicle in a way that is unintended by the manufacturer, prolonged motor stall conditions, and improper installation of the controller. All of these things can and should be avoided to get the longest possible lifespan out of your controller.

If you are experiencing a controller failure, let FSIP help! Simply ship the controller to us, and include this form with your shipment to expedite the process. We will fully remanufacture your control and ship it back to you with a comprehensive one year warranty, or call to speak to an FSIP representative! 1-800-333-1194
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