FSIP Now Remanufactures Inmotion Steer Motors

FSIP is pleased to announce a new product line in our remanufacturing program. For the first time in our more than 49 year history, we are offering remanufactured Inmotion PSM motors. These steer motors were introduced in 2009 and have been used in industrial trucks from many popular manufacturers.

The most popular version of the motor is the PSM-B3001-B, which was used by Hyster and Raymond. The PSM-B3002-B was also used by Hyster and Yale. Versions of these motors were also used by Jungheinrich, Crown and Linde.

Sending your core to FSIP for remanufacturing costs about half the price of a new motor, and with a three day turnaround time, you’ll have your steer motor back quickly.  Call our customer service team today for a quote today!  1-800-333-1194

FSIP Remanufactures the following part numbers:

Vehicle Part Number Manufacturer Part Number
Jungheinrich 51474401 PSM3-C3019-D-51S
Hyster 1701810 PSM-B3001-B-35S
Raymond 1154625 PSM-B3001-B-51S
Textron 4303907 PSM-B3002-B-51S
Hyster 1701811 PSM-B3002-B-35S
Nacco 8812292 PSM-B3014-B-51S
Nacco 8811680 PSM-B3015-B-35S
Nacco 8812904 PSM-B3015-B-35S
Crown 144233 PSM-C3006-D-43S
Crown 143912 PSM-C3008-D-51A
Linde 157340 PSM-C3009-C-51S
Jungheinrich 51344168 PSM-C3016-D-51S


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