FSIP Celebrates 50 Years!

Flight Systems Industrial Products (FSIP) is proudly celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2018. Looking back to its early years, FSIP was heavily involved in the aerospace industry, designing and manufacturing solid state controls for aircraft and runway strobe lights. During this time, they earned a reputation as a highly qualified supplier while their products were used on various space crafts and launch vehicles including Apollo 8, 9, 11, 15 & 16 as well as Skylab I & II.
FSIP-50YearsIn 1999, the company was renamed Flight Systems Industrial Products to better reflect the markets that they serve. At that time, FSIP was a $1.5M company with 21 employees. In 2003, FSIP needed a larger building and relocated to their current address at 1015 Harrisburg Pike. Since that time, they have completed two building expansions, bringing their facility space to 59,000 square feet to accommodate business growth. FSIP’s focus has evolved over the decades to serve a niche in the electric vehicle market, which includes material handling equipment, golf carts, cleaning equipment, electric boats, go-karts and ground support equipment. They now boast over 115 employees and over $20M in revenue, as well as a branch location in Addison, Illinois.

FSIP’s strong OEM relationships and technical competencies allow them to offer a variety of quality products for the markets they serve, including the remanufacturing and small run manufacturing sectors, as well as new product distribution. From controllers, to chargers, to joysticks and golf cart motors, they now offer a variety of products to keep battery powered vehicles moving.

In 2018, FSIP continues to grow and progress by adding more products to their offerings and expanding services to their valued customers. To celebrate 50 years, FSIP will be offering special promotions to customers throughout the coming months, beginning with free coffee mugs to the first 50 customers who buy through their new online store at www.shop.fsip.biz.

FSIP, Carlisle, PA


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