The Place for Electronic Solutions, Part II

FSIP Services - Manufacturing. Welcome back for Part II of our Services blog series! Production flexibility Engineering support Improved operational efficiencies Extended partnerships/sourcing Quality standards & testing procedures Warranty & repairs In our introduction, we asked the question, why would an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) be interested in outsourcing their Manufacturing. And we answered: In … Continue reading The Place for Electronic Solutions, Part II

New FSIP Company Video!

Go behind the scenes at FSIP!

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FSIP is proud of its Carlisle Heritage!

Located adjacent to the famous Carlisle Barracks, Flight Systems Industrial Products is proud to call Carlisle, Pennsylvania home. Established over 250 years ago, Carlisle was set up as a western frontier for the eastern colonists. Carlisle quickly became a hub for trade with access to Indian trails along LeTort Creek that ran extensively both south … Continue reading FSIP is proud of its Carlisle Heritage!

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Load Testing….and Replicating Real Life Conditions

You may have read our post regarding the testing procedures at Flight Systems Industrial Products (FSIP), but that post didn’t tell you about the countless man hours spent developing product specific testing software that is meant to replicate real life conditions for the control or battery charger. Each major control manufacturer has its own section … Continue reading Load Testing….and Replicating Real Life Conditions