Are you Ready for Winter?

Fall is Here - Winter is coming. Is your golf car ready? Golf cars aren’t just for golf courses anymore. In many states, communities are cropping up where the golf car is the new wave of year-round transportation. However, the northeast and much of the Midwest must plan for winter. Golf cars are just not … Continue reading Are you Ready for Winter?

Save Money with Section 179 Deduction

What is Section 179 The image is taken from Picserver Diving into the United States Tax Code is never a fun experience. However, Flight Systems Industrial Products has done some heavy lifting for you regarding Section 179. This is a relatively advanced area of the tax code. It’s important that you work with a tax professional to determine … Continue reading Save Money with Section 179 Deduction

Inflation Insurance

The Issue Say it with me; inflation stinks. In June, the Annual Inflation Rate reached the highest in 40 years (9.1%). Thankfully, in July, it lowered a bit (8.5%). Everyone is still feeling the sting. Supply chain issues + rising component/raw material costs + increased demand = higher prices across the board. [Thanks, Econ 101.] … Continue reading Inflation Insurance

Hire A Veteran

Credit: US Department of Defense \ Veterans have a proven track record of grace under pressure. Further, according to Statista, "in 2019, about 5.07 million veterans had attained a Bachelor's degree or higher," which makes them incredibly qualified for the private sector. In 2019 about 5.07 million veterans had attained a Bachelor's degree or … Continue reading Hire A Veteran