Remanufacturing vs. Repairing

Fact or Fiction? Remanufacturing is the Same as Repairing.

Flight Systems Industrial Products (FSIP), a leading remanufacturer of controls for electric and gas powered vehicles, addresses the differences between remanufacturing vs. repairing.

It is a common misconception that remanufacturing is synonymous with repairing, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The two processes are as different as night and day. Today’s controls require complex system components including mosfets and diodes that handle the currents which drive the motor. Repairing a control means a singular failed component is replaced. This does not address additional circuitry parts which may have been affected by the faulty component. When one of these components fails, parallel components become stressed and weakened as a result. Repairing only the failed component will fix the control, but with additional stressed components, the operating life will still be short term. FSIP does not simply replace one failed component in the control; they remanufacture the entire control to guarantee customers are receiving a quality product.
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To do this, failed controls are first analyzed for root cause failure. FSIP’s ISO 9001:2008 certification ensures each control is subject to a thorough and regimented procedure, including diagnostic testing and troubleshooting by trained technicians. All products are then disassembled and cleaned. Failed components, as well as stressed components are replaced, upgraded to the latest specifications and software, and then reassembled. The final step for remanufactured controls is load testing, which measures quality and ensures the product is equal to, if not better than the original. FSIP’s remanufactured controls come with a comprehensive one year warranty assuring the product is free of defects and it will operate within original specifications. In many cases, the one year warranty on remanufactured products is longer than the original warranty when the part was new.

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FSIP provides their customers a fully remanufactured control with the most recent software, where applicable. Through alliances with Curtis Instruments, Sevcon, Kollmorgen and Navitas they have access to proprietary parts and software for a variety of vehicles. Many of the upgrades to remanufactured controls improve safety and reliability features which are not addressed through simple repairing. FSIP’s alliances ensure that these remanufactured products are returned to the customer in a condition equal to or better than the original. With a cost savings of 30-60% of new parts, and quick turnaround and availability, remanufactured controls are sure to save you and your customer time and money.


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