Selling Your Cores: Your Questions Answered

by Morgan Kurtz, Product Specialist at FSIP

I’ve been managing the Flight Systems Industrial Products Core Purchase program for almost a year now. I find that a lot of people have the same questions about selling their cores to us – so I thought I’d answer them here – for all to see!

Why don’t you want my core?

Well, truthfully, it’s for any number of reasons.
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It could be that we have a huge amount of core inventory. We consider usage, as well as storage space in our facility when we purchase cores. Chances are if we have 500 on the shelf already, it’ll take us a few years to need more.

Sometimes we don’t purchase your core simply because no one else wants it either. Again, we’re looking at usage history when we provide your quote. If we haven’t remanufactured one for a customer or sold one off the shelf in the past year, it’s probably one we’ll pass on.

Another reason that we might not make an offer on your core is that it’s not able to be remanufactured. This often has to do with the epoxy filling that makes controls more weather resistant. While it can protect the control from the environment, it also makes it almost impossible to separate the electrical components from the hard filling.

The last reason is that it’s not something that we’ve ever heard of before! We keep a running database of every part that we’ve ever been asked for. We weigh that list against the number of customers who have asked for it when we get your core purchase quote request. We also consider the projects our engineers currently have lined up to determine if it’s something we could get into their project pipeline.

Seriously…Five Bucks?

Listen, I know. You paid good money for that controller when it was new. You even paid good money for it to be remanufactured. You spent your valuable time carefully removing it from the vehicle and you lovingly placed it on the broken core shelf in your shop. And then the core shelf began to bow under the weight of all of the broken cores and you started a pallet of broken cores. And that pallet collected dust and got in your way, until one day you’d had enough. So you excitedly completed an FSIP Core Purchase quote sheet from our website and emailed it to And you patiently waited and thought of all of the things you were going to do with the money you had been sitting on. Maybe a vacation to the beach, perhaps a new gadget, or a shiny new bauble for your lovely wife! How exciting!

When the quote comes back you feel defeated. “That lady just offered me $5 a piece for these cores! $5?!?” I know. I’m sad too.

“But, Morgan”, you’ll say, trying to reason with me. “I bought one of these from you last week! You charged me a $200 core charge!”

Here’s the easiest way for me to explain it. We need to motivate you to send that core back when you order one off of our shelves. Those cores, they’re how we stay in business. They’re how we deliver to our customers in a timely fashion. They’re our livelihood. So, if I sold you a remanufactured controller off of my shelf – and added a $5 core charge to your invoice – would you take the time to return that core to me? Be honest.

Want more info about selling your cores? Click here.

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4 thoughts on “Selling Your Cores: Your Questions Answered

      1. Do you think Anonymous even took the time to read anything on this page?? After a little reading I could have answered that one..
        My question would be can anyone submit a request? And is it worth my time for just one FX-503 controller?


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