More Torque More Power – Golf Cart Conversion Kits

So you bought an electric golf cart…and it’s just that…a golf cart. Designed to take a few people and their golf bags around a golf course for 18 holes. But to cruise around your neighborhood or to take this vehicle off road for a hunting expedition it just does not have the performance you would like it to have or even NEED to accomplish the tasks at hand. You want, need, expect more from this electric vehicle. This is not a child’s toy…you want this to be another useful tool to get the job at hand done and to get it done with all the efficiency and power you expect from a tool.

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Your electric cart has a motor control that is the brains of the operation. The older carts run on what is called a series system. These systems are known for their durability and raw torque. But you can improve this system with a FSIP motor control with a higher current rating / more amps. The stock OEM control that came with the vehicle is most likely only rated for 275 to 300 amps. Limiting the vehicles torque / take off / hill climbing power. FSIP builds and supplies series motor controls with current ratings as high as 700 amps (which translates to A LOT of power). The more common of these series motor controls are designed to operate on either 36 or 48 volts. Just plug it in and go…no programming needed to set up the voltage of the system. Now for the more adventurous group that has added more batteries to their system, FSIP has 700 amp series motor controls that operate from 48 the whole way up to 72 volts. Again this is plug and play, no need to program the control for the voltage of the cart. You have to experience these 700 amp controls. These awesome controls will satisfy your desire for power…put a huge smile on your face…and the neighbors are going to be envious.

Most of the newer carts are running on a control system that is known by a few names. Some call it a shunt system others call it separately excited, but most shorten this second one to Sep Ex or even shorter to SX. These systems have the distinct advantage of being able to be set up to react and perform exactly as required and desired. The base performance of the stock OEM cart can be greatly improved with a 500 amp upgrade conversion kit from FSIP. These kits are set up to work with the specific motor in your vehicle. For example, if you want more hill climbing power or more motor braking…those functions can be programmed into the control. The motor and control in these systems “talk” to each other and share information. The motor control can be set up with specific settings for the motor and performance specs you want in order that you vehicle operates at the peak performance that you want. When you contact your local golf car dealer have them confirm the make and model of the motor in your system then ask them to contact FSIP for the upgrade conversion kit that fits your system.
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FSIP has a wide array of upgrades and conversion kits that are going to meet and even exceed your needs and expectations. When you see your local golf cart dealer make sure to request an upgrade kit from FSIP. Have your dealer call FSIP to confirm the control or conversion kit needed to meet your needs.

For more torque and more power…check out these conversion kits!

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