Load Testing….and Replicating Real Life Conditions

You may have read our post regarding the testing procedures at Flight Systems Industrial Products (FSIP), but that post didn’t tell you about the countless man hours spent developing product specific testing software that is meant to replicate real life conditions for the control or battery charger.
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While a control faces various tests conducted at the bench by our certified electronic technicians, there are others that are automated to run when the control is connected to a specific testing stand. These pieces of specialized testing equipment vary based on the control stats, but ultimately function similarly.

The test stands conduct three to five-minute multi-phase tests that are supervised by our technicians. These tests include, but are not limited to, simulation of switches and horns using LEDs, measurement of voltage points (how quickly the MOSFETs are turning on or off), and current levels. If a control or battery charger fails any phase of the automated testing program, the entire test sequence stops. This alerts the technician to return the product to the remanufacturing line.

Each product that is released into our remanufacturing program is required to undergo multiple test steps to ensure we adhere to our ISO-regulated quality policy. While some controls can use existing testing equipment, there are products that we add that require the development of specialized equipment.

So the next time you install remanufactured product from FSIP and it works flawlessly…thank our engineers and automated testing equipment.

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