Keeping up with the Joneses – Custom Golf Carts

The World of Custom Golf Carts

It seems like forever ago when the purpose of a golf cart was just to carry your clubs around on a golf course. Now golf carts are being used in various environments and settings…from camp grounds to private communities. Everyone wants the biggest and fastest carts on the block. There are so many unique things you can do to customize your carts from speed to accessories and the possibilities are endless.
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The “guts” of the cart will help you deliver the power and speed to make your cart perform better than the rest. Most stock carts will go 12-15 mph and have torque of 300 amps, which is a nice gradual ride to full speed but may give you trouble going up hills. The key to improving your speed and torque on a cart, require a few things. Purchasing a high speed motor and upgraded controller can give you the speed and torque you are looking for. You can also improve the speed and torque by putting on bigger tires, more battery voltage and changing your gear ratio. These carts and brakes are not designed to go faster than the stock speed, so it is crucial that you upgrade all aspects of the cart, to handle the power such as brakes, solenoids and gauge of wires throughout the cart.

The controller is a big aspect of the performance of your cart. It controls how fast you reach your top speed and the torque to pull heavy loads or climb big hills. If you have a hunting buggy used on rough terrain, a lot of hills in your community, the need to have multiple passengers or towing ability, then increasing the amperage is the way to go. In most, SX Motor carts 500 amps is all you need to feel the power you have been looking for. If you have a Series motor we are able to get you to 700 amps and you will almost feel the front wheels come off the ground when you accelerate.

The exterior of a cart says a lot about your personality and everyone wants the features that are unique and better than the rest. If you rolled up to a cart that looked identical it would basically be like two girls wearing the same dress to their senior prom. There are many gizmos and gadgets to personalize a cart from custom paint jobs to stereo systems and big shiny rims.

The possibilities are endless to turn your stock cart into a cart that matches your personality!


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