Revive your Batteries – Revive your Profits

Looking for a new revenue stream or to save money on new battery purchases? The latest technology in lead-acid battery restoration could provide the answer. The Xtender Regenerator offers an easy, user-friendly interface for programing the machine to regenerate all types of lead-acid batteries, including but not limited to AGM, gel, traction, semi-traction, flooded, motive, and VRLA batteries. Whether you maintain a fleet, sell used batteries, or just want to improve your facility’s battery maintenance, the Xtender Regenerator can provide you with new efficiencies not found in the market before today.

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With the cost of new batteries and the use of opportunity charging on the rise, facility managers are looking for ways to prolong the life of their batteries. The Xtender can be used as a valuable maintenance tool and as a regeneration tool to improve the ROI of the batteries you or your customer have invested so much in already. The process can be monitored wirelessly via Bluetooth technology from a computer connected to its small receiver. The machine has a load bank and provides a detailed report of the process. These reports can be printed or emailed to provide compliance records and proof of capacity.

What makes the Xtender different and so effective? It’s an all-in-one machine, meaning you don’t have to hook the battery to a discharger with a load bank and then to a charger to cycle the battery back and forth. You don’t have to piece together multiple reports to see what has happened to the battery during the process. Once connected and programmed the machine automatically pulses the battery during the entire process; discharge, regeneration and equalization. These pulses are coming at a rate of 180 per second and provide a gentle yet effective means of desulfating the battery. The entire process is temperature controlled and regulated, so the battery doesn’t get too hot or damaged. This is a noninvasive, chemical-free process that only requires hooking the battery up to the machine and some simple programing of voltage, amps, & time. Several batteries in series can be regenerated simultaneously, for example, our smallest machine can regenerate 16, 6 volt 220 Ah batteries at the same time.
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Lastly, the Xtender can be seamlessly synced to our Xcell battery monitoring system for accurate voltage reading during the entire process. This information can be extremely helpful for determining which cells are causing issues. Just one or two bad cells can affect the overall performance of the battery. As the battery loses capacity it could damage other components in the vehicle/system. Rather than replacing the entire battery, these cells can be regenerated or replaced before damage is done to other systems saving a company money, lost operating hours and man hours.

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If your company or customer is using opportunity charging or struggles to maintain batteries properly, the Xtender could save you from replacing batteries prematurely. Call today to learn more about battery restoration with the Xtender Regenerator,
1-800-333-1194 or watch our video!

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