Remanufacturing For Your Floor Machine Controls and Chargers…

Did you know that FSIP can save you money on the controls and battery chargers that are used on many of the popular floor machines manufactured by Tennant-Nobles, Nilfisk-Advance, Karcher-Windsor, Tomcat, Minuteman and Clarke?

Many of the controls, displays and battery chargers can be remanufactured for less than you would spend on new. Simply send us the failed part to be rebuilt. Our skilled technicians will test your product to determine the failure. From this point, your control is disassembled and all failed and weakened components are replaced to ensure that you are receiving back a quality product.
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To limit your customer’s downtime, you can also call and check our availability, as FSIP stocks many remanufactured products that can be shipped the same day. In addition, FSIP also stocks popular solenoid models, so that you can change your solenoid when replacing your controller.

There are several key differences between an FSIP remanufactured product and a repaired product:

  • FSIP remanufactured products have failed AND weakened components replaced
  • FSIP remanufactured products meet or exceed the original manufacturers’ specifications
  • FSIP remanufactured products are load tested to ensure quality

Remanufacture vs. Repair, Reman

FSIP has relationships with many OEMS, allowing us to provide you updated products, with the most recent software and hardware changes. This ensures your control is up to date and in some cases better than when it came off of the original manufacturing line.

Visit our scrubber-sweeper products on our website. If you are interested in other products you do not see on our website, please contact us as we are always exploring new opportunities to meet our customer’s needs.

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