Your Control and FSIP’s Remanufacturing Process

At Flight Systems Industrial Products we pride ourselves on the quality and consistency that each and every control receives, when it enters our facility. First, all packages are delivered to our shipping dock each morning. The boxes are opened up, sorted and the product and paperwork are placed on carts that will be rolled to our customer service department. Once in customer service, the information on the paperwork is entered into our system and some customers are called to ensure the information they presented us matches what we observe. Each part is given a custom label so that it’s easily tracked throughout the remanufacturing process. Our plant is separated into different areas based on the manufacturer of the unit with separate departments for Curtis, Sevcon, GE, Zapi, Danaher, battery chargers and joysticks. The carts then enter the service center and the products are distributed to the appropriate remanufacturing department. If a customer sends us a control that is not in our remanufacturing program, it is evaluated by a team of specialized engineers. After evaluation they provide a quote to the customer before any work is done. Once approved by the customer, the engineers will rebuild the control.

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Once a control arrives at it’s appropriate designated area of FSIP’s service center, the real fun begins. The cover is gently taken off to evaluate the “guts” of the unit, and the cover is sent away to the restoration shop to restore it to like new condition. Technicians follow standard procedures to guarantee the absolute best quality for each and every control that is remanufactured at FSIP. They will bring the control up to the latest hardware or software revision, where applicable, replace damaged components, as well as replace any stressed or weakened components that may have been affected by the damage. FSIP’s great relationships with OEMs allow us access to proprietary information and parts. When the cover is returned from the restoration shop, it is attached to produce the final clean, remanufactured product. Each control is then tested to the appropriate current level to make sure it can handle whatever it faces in the field. The controls are returned to the cart and taken to shipping department to be carefully packaged and returned to our customer.

This is just a quick overview of our remanufacturing process for a control, battery charger, display or joystick. The next time you look at one of our remanufactured controls, you will know you are receiving the absolute best remanufactured product on the market.

If you need a quick quote on a remanufactured control, contact us here.

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