FSIP is Eco-Friendly by Design

Flight Systems Industrial Product’s dedication to zero-defect remanufacturing of electric vehicle controls, battery chargers, joysticks, displays, etc. has made them a benchmark “Green” business in the Central PA area. The company’s commitment to the R3 concept starts with the alliances they form with manufacturers for new product and remanufacturing selection and filters all the way down to their employees.
battery, regenerate, regeneration, prolong, reman, remanufacture, recover

R3 = Recover, Reman, Reuse

The R3 concept is simple, but the results make an impactful difference in the local community and those FSIP serves around the world. Essentially they recover what are known in the industry as “cores”. Cores are the broken, burned up, burned out, no longer operational units (controls, displays, battery chargers, joysticks, etc.). The cores are tested, disassembled and remanufactured within days. They can then be shipped back to the customer to be reused, saving the customer time and money and saving the local community’s landfill space.

New alliances in the lead-acid battery management arena will help FSIP expand the R3 concept to that industry. The addition of the Xtender Regenerator will help customers diagnose and restore a sulfated lead acid battery to near new capacity. Another eco-friendly and impactful alliance is FSIP’s exclusive remanufacturing and distribution agreement with SPE Electtronica. SPE specializes in high-frequency battery chargers, which are smaller, lighter and offer improved charge control and power factors. Both of these additions offer efficient lead-acid battery management tools to help prevent premature battery replacements saving money and delaying the inevitable degradation of these batteries.

Lastly, the company culture reflects several earth-healthy habits…a peek inside the FSIP facility will quickly reveal so many of these habits; lights on timers, recycle bins, incoming packaging, boxes, pallets and unusable parts recycled, repurposed or donated to charity. Employees all around the plant are making concise decisions to reuse note paper, turn out lights, limit printing and reduce waste. FSIP is proud of their R3 efforts and reputation and hope their customers recognize the “Green” choice they make when they choose FSIP!

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