Defeat the Sourcing Crisis

Global Supply Chain issues have existed for 2+ years with no definite end in sight. Product sourcing teams are plagued by a lack of components, parts, materials, or finished goods, longer lead times, and dramatic price increases. Businesses are rethinking and re-evaluating how they source critical commodities. Dependent upon your business need, one solution rises … Continue reading Defeat the Sourcing Crisis

Sulfation: Archenemy of Lead-acid Batteries

The financial burden of replacing batteries can be lowered, if you understand the main cause for battery failure…sulfation.

New 2018 Product Overview

The product overview represents only a portion of thew new & remanufactured part numbers we offer. Visit our website at for a complete listing.

Lead-Acid Battery Restoration

Looking for a way to save money on new battery purchases? The latest technology in lead-acid battery restoration can provide the answer. Our Xtender Regenerator offers an easy, user-friendly interface for regenerating all types of lead-acid batteries. Watch the video below, and ask about setting up a demo in your facility! 1-800-333-1194

Xtender Battery Regenerator

Check out this brief informative video about the Xtender Battery Regenerator, available exclusively from FSIP! In this video you will see how easy it is to use the Xtender Battery Regenerator to either maintain your batteries, or generate revenue by offering a battery restoration service.

Xtender Battery Restoration Technology

Check out this short video to learn more about the Xtender Battery Regenerator!

The Truth About Battery Regeneration

 by Matt Potter, Application Specialist at FSIP In December of 2014 FSIP began selling a machine which effectively regenerates lead acid based batteries. This has stirred up quite a bit of interest, as I am sure you can imagine the implications of being able to extend the life of expensive batteries used in electric vehicle … Continue reading The Truth About Battery Regeneration

Revive your Batteries – Revive your Profits

Looking for a new revenue stream or to save money on new battery purchases? The latest technology in lead-acid battery restoration could provide the answer. The Xtender Regenerator offers an easy, user-friendly interface for programing the machine to regenerate all types of lead-acid batteries, including but not limited to AGM, gel, traction, semi-traction, flooded, motive, … Continue reading Revive your Batteries – Revive your Profits

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FSIP At The Battery Show

FSIP exhibited for the first time at The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo in Novi, MI this month. The Battery Show offered us the perfect opportunity to debut our Xtender Lead-acid Battery Regenerator and our Xcell “Wireless” BMS. We also promoted our new remanufacturing and distribution alliance with SPE Elettronica Industriale. … Continue reading FSIP At The Battery Show

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FSIP is Eco-Friendly by Design

Flight Systems Industrial Product’s dedication to zero-defect remanufacturing of electric vehicle controls, battery chargers, joysticks, displays, etc. has made them a benchmark “Green” business in the Central PA area. The company’s commitment to the R3 concept starts with the alliances they form with manufacturers for new product and remanufacturing selection and filters all the way … Continue reading FSIP is Eco-Friendly by Design