FSIP At The Battery Show

FSIP exhibited for the first time at The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo in Novi, MI this month. The Battery Show offered us the perfect opportunity to debut our Xtender Lead-acid Battery Regenerator and our Xcell “Wireless” BMS. We also promoted our new remanufacturing and distribution alliance with SPE Elettronica Industriale. The show stirred up interest from all types of industries, including but not limited to, motive, military, alternative energy, medical and mining.

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FSIP’s booth at The Battery Show 2014

This show was an excellent opportunity for us to show off our new battery management line. It was exciting to learn about some of the different applications out there for lead-acid batteries. While for many at the show the focus was lithium ion technology, it was refreshing to learn that so many companies are interested in regenerating or restoring the lead-acid batteries they have and keeping them away from the scrap yard/lead recycler for another day. Of course it is much cheaper to regenerate than to buy a new battery. If you were not in attendance and would like to learn more about how FSIP can help you ‘Xtend’ the life of your lead-acid batteries you can learn more online under our “Battery Management” page or give us a call toll-free (800) 333-1194.

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